The Hidden Gems of Hill Inlet

Just off of North Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet is an incredible spot for getting a breathtaking lookout over pristine, Whitsunday marinescapes. Adventure through the native Australian bush and go for a bubbly dip as you soak up the hidden wonders that await you at Hill Inlet!

Hill Inlet Lookout Swirling sands

Hill Inlet Lookout

Known as one of the most Instgrammable spots in the Whitsundays, Hill Inlet Lookout provides visitors with a birds-eye-view of the aqua waters mixing with white silica sands. The lines between nature and art are blurred up at the lookout, so let the stunning, swirling sands take your breath away as you discover this divine, hidden gem. Venture along the boardwalk to reach three large viewing platforms, where the tie-dye effect of turquoise waters against pure white sands will leave you wide-eyed and full of wonder! The surrounding waters are home to lemon reef sharks, dolphins, stingrays and sometimes even Humpback whales, so keep your eyes peeled for these majestic creatures of the deep.

Marvel, frolic and take some snaps to last a lifetime up from Hill Inlet Lookout. Panoramic outlooks of tropical, postcard-worthy sceneries will stretch as far as the eye can see, so take your time to truly immerse yourself in the vistas and shifting sands. The flourishing bush landscape of the Whitsundays National Park, against the vivid deep blues, bright aquas and sea greens truly is unmissable. So, bring your friends, family and/or partner as the views take you to cloud nine!

Hill Inlet Lookout View Instagram Snap, Whitsundays


To get to Hill Inlet Lookout, embark on a light bushwalk through the lush, native landscapes of Whitsunday Island. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a light bag with water to make this 20-minute, 1.3km return trip a walk in the park… literally! Whitsunday Island National Park is known for its natural beauty, thriving biodiverse ecosystems and visitor-friendly adventures. 

Get back to your roots and breathe in the fresh air on your exploration of Hill Inlet, and don’t forget to make friends with some resident wildlife! A range of rare, Whitsunday migratory birds inhabit the trees, skies, shores and shallows, so keep your eyes and ears out for their flashy colours and unique songs. You might also see goannas, native yams and colourful butterflies! Visitors can learn about the rich, Indigenous history of the Ngaro people, as informational signs along your path illuminate the culture and practices of the Whitsunday’s traditional landowners.

Hill inlet Bushwalking to the Lookout, Whitsunday Island

Champagne Beach 

Champagne Beach is the name given to the waters of Hill Inlet by the locals, due to the champagne-like bubbles that surface in the shallows. The soft sands of Hill Inlet produce bubbles in the water as you walk, creating a decadent, bubbly natural-spa sensation. It really is like swimming in a big glass of champers! Become enchanted by Mother Nature’s delights as you splash around in this infinite eco-bubble bath!

Girls at Champagne Beach, Hill Inlet Lookout, Whitsunday Islands

Betty’s Beach

This little alcove, hidden away at the end of North Whitehaven, is the perfect spot for lounging in the sun on bright white sands. Offering wind protection on those blowy days, Betty’s is a hidden gem that will have you feeling like a movie star in the tropics! The red rocks and cliffs against the turquoise water and luminescent sand offer a vibrant taste of Australia’s diverse landscapes, so go for an explore around this quiet spot. Simply ask your friendly tour guide to point you in the direction of Betty’s after your time at the lookout.

Betty's Beach hidden oasis, Hill Inlet, Whitsunday Islands