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Snorkel Sites

Snorkelling in the Whitsundays

There are plenty of snorkel spots to choose from on your Whitsunday adventure. Your skipper will try to find the best places to snorkel depending on the weather and tides while sailing around the islands.

Maureen's Cove

Maureen's cove is nestled between the rugged hills of Hook Island. Renowned for the excellent snorkelling, the reef runs parallel to the shoreline at an average depth of around 3 metres, offering a chance for snorkelers to get the best view of the coral and fish.

Manta Ray Bay

With only 2 public moorings, this is by far one of the most secluded snorkelling spots you will find around the Whitsundays. In the winter months, May to September, expect to be blown away by the graceful giant manta rays that shelter in this bay, giving it it's name.

Chalkies Beach

When conditions are right this snorkel site offers a massive range of coral variations. Just a few metres off the shore there is a coral wall that drops down to around 10 metres. The tide can lower the water level so much that the coral nearly shows through the surface which provides easy snorkelling.

Langford Reef

Great for drift snorkelling! The reef surrounds the small island, but the North East side is by far the most protected from current and contains some great snorkelling. Float above big schools of fish and scattered bommies with little effort and have your Whitsundays Catamarans crew pick you up at the other end of the beach. Keep an eye out for turtles!

Butterfly Bay

Butterfly Bay is a favourite for its excellent snorkelling, protection from most wind conditions and namesake butterfly habitants found on the bay’s beach at certain times of the year.