Cateran Bay

Located on Border Island, is one of the top 10 beaches in the Whitsundays region; Cateran Bay. Offering a unique horizon looking back onto Whitsunday Island.

Cateran Bay is home to a thriving reef that's in pristine condition, attracting avid divers and snorkelers from across the globe. In addition, border Island is a Marine National Park Green Zone, ensuring it is protected in the highest form, providing an abundance of marine life and birdlife.

Cateran Bay Coral Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in the Whitsunday Islands

The crystal clear blue waters showcasing the fringing reef adjacent to vibrant hills create a striking view. A short walk from the beachfront will lead you to the top of the hill, offering serene landscapes.

With a secluded sandy beach, only accessible at mid to high tide. This bay will have you feeling like a willing castaway. Not popular with commercial boats, crowds are minimal to private charters.

Border Island is notable for its scenic hikes. Offering three different walks scattered across the island, though there's no development on the island, you can still trust your time spent here will be worthwhile.

Please not that caution is advised, this bay does every so often receive strong winds and tides.

Cateran Bay Whitsunday Islands Great Barrier Reef