Hook Island

Located in the glistening Coral Sea, Hook Island is a hidden gem nestled within the Whitsundays, waiting to be explored.

Hook Island

At an incredible 58 square kilometres, this island is one of the largest within the Cumberland Group. With accessible bays and turquoise beaches, this island should be on everyone's bucket list! Fjord-like inlets extend inland from the bay, protecting the fringing reef below, attracting avid snorkelers and divers from across the globe. Sea eagles and ospreys roam the sky while turtles, dolphins, and manta rays drift through the clear waters. Between June to September, you might even witness a Humpback whale passing through the Whitsunday Passage!

Lizard Hook Island native wildlife in the Whitsunday Islands

Most local tours will aim to include Hook Island on their itinerary, whether for the quality snorkelling or a safe anchorage at Stonehaven, with Nara Inlet considered a tranquil highlight of the island. At the bottom end of the inlet, you'll be greeted with a magical freshwater rockpool and a stunning waterfall (if the season is right). Only a short hike up from Nara Inlet are caves dating back to 9000 years ago belonging to the Ngaro Aboriginal people. Immerse yourself in their culture and witness stunning rock wall paintings.

  Ngaro caves Nara Inlet Hook island Indigenous Cultural Heritage site in the Whitsunday Islands

The northern end of hook island is very popular snorkeling site due to the amazing coral reefs in this area

Hook Island Marine Life