Whitsunday Island

Whitsunday Island is the largest and most well-known island amongst the Whitsunday Group.

Initially inhabited by the Ngara people, the island is now protected as part of the 'Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area' and is a well-loved destination for travellers worldwide. The island is only accessible by boat, seaplane, or helicopter and offers numerous world-class bays, beaches, hikes, and campsites to enjoy.

Whitsunday Island Aerial Whitsundays Great Barrier Reef Marine Park discover today

Tongue Bay is a crowd-favourite amongst travellers to Whitsunday Island. With a flourishing reef, you'll be sure to spot some turtles and dolphins. Framed by towering hills of native Australian flora and fauna, you'll feel nothing but peace. Tongue Bay is also used as the central hub to reach the lookout at Hill Inlet.

Whitsunday Island is also home to the 'Best Beach in the World'; Whitehaven. Mesmerizing stingrays and lemon sharks occupy the beach amidst pristine white sand over a 7km stretch. The seas are warm, clear, shallow, nutrient-rich, and fast-moving due to large tidal flows, making them well-suited to the growth of fringing coral reefs.

You can trust when booking any tour, whether a day trip or overnight, you'll undoubtedly get to visit Whitsunday Island. Become encapsulated by its beauty, and create lasting memories. 

Whitsunday Island Hill Inlet Swirling Sands Lookout