Mantaray Bay

Mantaray Bay is undoubtedly one of the finest dive and snorkel spots in the region! Nestled away in Hook Island's north, Mantaray Bay is a simply special spot. Laden with thick forests of colourful coral, Mantaray Bay attracts plenty of wondrous, curious fish such as Maori Wrasses, parrotfish, batfish, giant trevallies, coral trout and a variety of unique and vibrant tropical fish. These beauties are pretty comfortable with humans, making Mantaray Bay the ideal destination to rub-shoulders with schools of friendly, shimmering fish.

Mantaray Bay fish snorkelling Great Barrier Reef

This underwater paradise is protected under special national park management to reserve the many species that exist in this flourishing ecosystem, so it is a no-anchor and no-fishing zone. So, grab a snorkel and explore this shallow spot with fantastic visibility! Seriously, you'll be blown away by the colours and bustling life that lie below. With accessible yet secluded snorkelling and dive spots available, Mantaray Bay will have you in and amongst the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef in no time!

If you're an avid diver, check out the many cave valleys and aisles for a swim through that make for a spectacularly interesting dive! While you're in and amongst Hook Island, don't forget to check out the wonderful Ngaro Cultural Walk abound with rich Indigenous history. Overnight stays are not recommended in Mantaray Bay due to currents and swell exposure, but it really is an unmissable snorkelling or dive spot for your next Whitsunday holiday!

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