What Time Of Year Is Best For Boating In The Whitsundays?

Wondering what time of year is best for boating in the Whitsundays? Lucky for you, there is no bad time to explore this dazzling area of Queensland. There is always something special to experience no matter what time of year you are visiting. But there are some distinctions between the different seasons in the Whitsundays. Let's recap what each season is like so you can plan your travels accordingly!

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Wet Season In The Whitsundays

Wet season in the Whitsundays sees the hottest temperatures and highest levels of rainfall. Throughout December, January, February, and March, the weather is hot and humid. February is the rainiest month, and there is a higher chance of storms during summer. However, there is still a good chance you'll encounter plenty of sunny days! And if you love the heat, this is a great time to go boating in the Whitsundays. Another plus side of the sometimes cloudy skies is the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets you'll see out on the water!

December and January are particularly busy months in the Whitsundays due to the holidays. You may find more crowds, but February is generally a very quiet month for tourism. Sometimes you may find fewer crowds and cheaper prices, so this is an affordable time to travel!

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Windy Season In The Whitsundays

March, April, and May are the windiest months in the Whitsundays. Starting in April, the trade winds pick up and provide some more momentum for sailing. Your catamaran might just be able to hoist those sails and let nature guide the vessel through the sea! The humidity and heat of the summer start to mellow out at this time of year as well, making the weather more comfortable. 

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Dry Season In The Whitsundays

The dry season in the Whitsundays offers excellent boating conditions. The skies are often clear and the temperatures cool off, perfect for those who don't particularly love the heat. Make sure you pack some warm clothes for your sailing trips! August to November are the driest months, and many would consider this to be the best time of year for boating in the Whitsundays. The trade winds abate and the seas are generally calm and crystal clear. 

Dry season also coincides with whale season in the Whitsundays! From June to October, whales migrate along Australia's east coast. While sailing on a catamaran tour, there is a good chance you might spot some magnificent whales frolicking in the ocean as you explore the Whitsundays. 

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Stinger Season In The Whitsundays

Stinger season in the Whitsundays runs from October to May. During these months, marine stingers (also known as jellyfish) populate the warm waters of Tropical North Queensland. But don't let this stop you from enjoying the Whitsundays! You just have to take extra precautions while swimming during stinger season to ensure you stay safe. Before swimming in the ocean, make sure you are wearing a stinger suit. These lightweight, full-body suits protect your skin from stingers.

All Whitsunday tours provide guests with stinger suits during this time of year! And when you tour the Whitsundays by catamaran, you can feel assured that your tour guides and boat staff are educated about the protocol and safety procedures on the off chance that someone does get stung. 


So What Time Of Year Is Best For Boating In The Whitsundays?

August and September are arguably the best months for boating in the Whitsundays. The calm, glassy waters are like heaven for sailing, and the cooler temperatures make sleeping in a cabin onboard a catamaran much cozier. You also might spot whales while boating in the Whitsundays, and you can swim in the ocean without a stinger suit. 

However, there is no bad time for boating in the Whitsundays! The summer months provide warm temperatures, and the rainy months provide cheaper prices and cloudy skies that are perfect for dramatic sunsets and sunrises. The windy months give your catamaran an extra boost while sailing, and snorkelling is excellent year-round.


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